Tilley Endurables logoAbout Tilley Endurables

Tilley Endurables is a true Canadian success story. In 1985, Alex Tilley set out to produce a proper sailing hat.

From the original hat line, Tilley expanded into a specialized clothing line for men and women with an emphasis on traveling. The line is noted for practicality with an effort for security. Many of the pieces in the line have secret and zippered pockets. The clothing fabrics vary from hard wearing indestructible range of shorts and pants, to technical and lightweight materials ideal for hot weather climates. The lines co-ordinate well and are meant to maximize clothing options while minimizing the number of items.

Accessories include quick dry underwear and travel socks for all your travel needs.

The line is extremely popular with people who enjoy travelling, whether overseas, cruise ships, or at home during the summer months.

Val Berg’s carries the largest selection of men’s Tilley in Edmonton